I’m Real

When you were discovering San Diego in 98
I was falling in love with Prague.
I ran across the Charles Bridge wearing a white dress in the rain and fog.
While you were on those steps at State
I was having intellectual debates
With young bright minds from all over the place.

I have lived in six countries and visited 18 others.
In Uganda I discovered my band of brothers.
It was a time of 3rd world harshness and great joys
And I got a clearer understanding of men vs. boys.
I don’t want to be with someone that glorifies strippers and hoes.
Like Nicki Minaj says, I look like yes and you look like no.

Yeah I got it
And don’t you forget it.women 1440x900 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_88
You think you’re so cool
But compared to me you’re a fool.
Your brilliance can’t compare.
We aren’t really an ideal pair.

The love spell wore off and your true self is revealed
And I realize you’re not on my level of appeal.
Chillin in the slums of Mexico City, Kampala, Bombay and Nairobi
Sometimes I wonder if you even know me.
I have smoked shisha with bedouins in the Sinai and Abu Dhabi.

I have almost lost my life
But I have also given life.
Watched the sunset on a beach in Mombasa and Goa.
Got heart-broken in Rome but partied away my sadness in Barcelona.
Picture being approached by a group of men each with a panga.
Then imagine the tremendous poverty in Kibera and Katanga.
I’m rich in experience and crave adventure.
Which is why I’m 10 times better than her.
Like Nicki if you ask me to take a break
I’ll give it all away
Don’t care what the people say
A million billion trillion miles away.

I’m highly educated in school and life.
I will also be a good wife.
I have been taught the most important lessons of life
from an African mama that always knew what was right.
She said treat your man like a king
If you want to be a queen
And don’t ever let people see you be mean.
I have done more in my life than you can even dream.

I will lift you up when you are down and put out your fires.
Make sweet love to you and give you everything you desire.
I can make you the happiest man alive
And I will thrive.
I may love you and share my soul with you
But don’t forget the one thing you cannot refuse –
I’m on another level and this poem is for you.

Picture taken from www.wallpaperfo.com_88

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  1. Juanita M. · August 9, 2013


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