Someone Who Loves You Less Than Me

It’s funny how we can only understand each other in poem form

I have never experienced such an intense romance before

I’m so deeply in love with you

This drunkin love spell even has me wearing perfume


I had a dream of us growing old together

And waking up every day next to each other

The beautiful kids we could have

And all the joy and fun filled years to be had

But this is a fantasy

And I must accept reality


My passion is unmeasurable and dedication limitless

But I reflect on my current situation

And wonder how it came to this

I would do anything for you

Yet I’m a foolimages

You ask me to compromise my dignity, values, and who I am

I would never touch or kiss another man

You say you need to do that for your career

And flirt with the girls to make them fans


Even though you don’t believe in soul mates forever

It’s hard to imagine that our souls aren’t meant to be together

I should have questioned you more from the start

I should have thought twice before opening my heart

Unless you are willing to compromise your art

You will continue to stab me in the heart


You’re my best friend

And I don’t want this to end


It’s as though the universe has played a cruel trick on me

But I need to fulfil my destiny of who I’m meant to be

You need someone who loves you less than me

Who will let you be free

I guess we aren’t meant to be.


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