Which are you?

Real girls are independent, loving, and affectionate

We don’t need a man for financial security

We have dreams and adventures planned

Rally car racing in East Africa

Eating in Rome and shopping in Dubai

Walking the great wall of China

Laying on the beach in Goa


Fake girls are hoes

Hoes use sex to get something in return

They will try to steal your man

Deceptive, manipulating snakes

They are worse than any man


Real girls are bad assess

We work out regularly and eat healthy

Give their man the best sex of his life

And make all his fantasies come true


Real girls have confidence

And are what they want to be

Not afraid to fall in love passionately

But not controlled by emotional dependence.

Fake girls value things over people

Weak-minded, shallow judgments

Men often don’t see them coming.

And they can’t be trusted.


Real girls know how to treat a man

But not get walked all over.

We don’t need to dominate our man

But are always in control.


Real girls can accomplish anything through

Determination and hard work

Real girls rule in male dominated industries

Danika Patrick, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azelia, MIA

Hilary Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt,

Madeline Albright, Sheikha Mozah

Malala Yousafzai and Mother Theresa paved the way.


Which girl are you?


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